Fall 2021 Collection: Warmth & Gathering

Welcome to the Muddy Mint 2021 Fall Collection!
This collection goes live on Tuesday, September 21 at 9:00am MDT

The Fall 2021 collection is all about warmth & gathering... this means cozy drinks, campfires, getting together with friends and family, and enjoying the warm days and cool nights. Our collection this year focuses on coffee, honey, beer, and a little bit of pumpkin. We have four brand new soaps that I'm excited to introduce you to, along with two very popular soaps that are returning again this year. 

Campfire Coffee Soap: Our top seller last year, there were a lot of people that were disappointed to miss this one! It really is such an incredible scent, with a blend of smoky cypress, sweet orange, and beautiful frankincense. Made with fresh brewed coffee (but no coffee scent!), this soap does not contain coffee grounds, so it's a nice smooth bar.

Cocoa & Honey Soap: This soap is always a Fall favorite. It contains a TON of raw Colorado honey, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. The scent is a complex blend of orange, lavender, peppermint, bitter almond, and lemon, but the almond dominates and gives this bar a sweet cherry almond scent.

Minted Coffee Exfoliating Soap
: Made with fresh brewed coffee, coffee grounds, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and french green clay, this powerhouse bar contains so many wonderful ingredients! The scent is a strong mint, but with robust base notes. The top note is spearmint, with base notes of roasted coffee oil, copaiba balsam, plus the tiniest hint of light patchouli (don't worry, you can't smell it!). 

Amber Ale Beer Soap: Amber Ale is made with Lefthand Brewery Sawtooth Amber Ale (a local Longmont beer). Adding beer to soap boosts lather! The scent on this one is very unique and probably a bit more "manly", with orange, black pepper, black spruce, and atlas cedarwood. This soap has a scent that grows and blooms, but at first, the black pepper is dominant.

Sweet Lavender Honey Soap: This sweetened up lavender hits just right. It's a beautiful blend of lavender, cedarwood, and a hint of vanilla. This soap is made with raw Colorado honey and cocoa butter, and is naturally colored with madder root + alkanet. This is the only soap in the collection that is not vegan, due to the addition of honey.

Pumpkin Latte Soap: Made with organic pumpkin puree and coconut milk, this decadent soap also contains fresh brewed coffee. The scent is nearly identical to last year's Pumpkin & Maple, so if you were a fan of that soap, this is your bar (there is no coffee scent!). This is a citrus + spice blend of orange, lemon, nutmeg, and cassia.