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I wrote (and photographed) a soapmaking book and I can't wait to share it with you!! It is now available for sale in the US, Canada, the UK, and internationally (see links down below). If you don't see an option to purchase with these links, make sure to check your local bookstore, as it's available in a lot of places!

I spent all of 2023 pouring my heart and soul into these 200 pages and it is packed full of soapy goodness for beginners and advanced soapmakers alike! This book is gorgeous and you might just want to lay it out on your coffee table! Here's a look at the cover and one of the section pages:

And, here's what's inside:

This book is jam-packed with information (my editor called it "dense" - haha!). It starts off with the usual stuff - the science of soapmaking and how to actually make soap (for you beginners), but we get deep pretty quickly.

We cover a lot of content, but the emphasis is on simple soapmaking. I prefer simple soaps with simple ingredients that don't take a lot of time to make. We make a LOT of soap here at Muddy Mint, so the simpler, the better. I'm a big believer in less is more. With fewer ingredients, you can actually get more creative rather than getting overwhelmed!

The book contains:

  • Thirty-one brand new soap recipes that I created exclusively for this book. Every recipe is all-natural and palm oil free.
  • Formulation tips and tricks and substitution ideas for each recipe. Basically, I go through my thought process on why I chose certain oils and why I created the recipe the way I did.
  • How to make and store a 50/50 lye water solution so you can create a master batch of lye-water for all your recipes. This is an absolute game-changer in soapmaking and I haven't seen any other soapmaking book present recipes this way.
  • How to easily include alternative liquids in soap, like milk, carrot juice, aloe vera, or basically anything else!
  • A list of my top 12 essential oils for blending, with the exact botanical names of the oils I use and where I buy them.
  • My techniques for formulating essential oil blends specifically for cold process soap, which is NOT the standard top, middle, and base note advice. I find this advice to be overly complicated and confusing and I've never blended my essential oils this way. I'll teach you my special tricks for blending which are easy and lead to consistent results every time.
  • My technique for working with accelerating essential oils, like clove and thyme.
  • How to create natural colors in soap that POP!! Natural colors can be bland and dull, so I'll be showing you how to get the brightest colors in soap in an easy way. There are no infusions here (I'm a lazy soapmaker) - just easy color that is consistent and all-natural.
  • How I create recipes from scratch by following certain rules that I've created for myself.
  • A full shopping list of everything you need to buy to make every recipe in the book and where to buy it. One list for all the soaps - I added everything up for you, so you can save money by purchasing supplies in bulk.
  • And, a LOT more! There are detailed tutorials for the interior designs of the soaps, a deeper dive section to discuss more advanced topics such as water discounts, how to stick blend like a pro, and cure time controversy. 

This book is for YOU! I wrote it with you in mind. Seriously. You are my audience and you are exactly who I wrote this book for. I hope you love it.

XO, Simi

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(note: publication date will be 6-8 weeks after the US release)