Collection: Soap of the Month 2023

Our soap of the month collection is all sold out! Thank you so much for following along and supporting our business. All recipes that haven't yet been released will be available in January. :)

Welcome to our 2023 soap of the month series. This year, we'll be featuring a different scent each month for you to try. Most of these scents have been made in the past, but some will be a real blast from the past! If you're new, you probably haven't ever tried these scents before. These are all tried-and-tested soaps that are either coming back from a seasonal release or from our previous product line, and many are fan favorites. If you're a soapmaker, we'll be releasing our exact recipes for these soaps as well!

January: Spicy Chai (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
February: Aloe & Spearmint (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
March: Lavender Lemongrass (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
April: Orange Blossom (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
May: Spring Meadow (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
June: Coconut Lime (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
July: Salted Honey (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
Aug: Lemon Turmeric (sold out!) and Shea & Clay Face (sold out!) - Recipe available HERE
Sep: Turmeric Orange Clove (sold out!) - Recipe available in January 2024.
Oct: Sweet Orange & Rosemary (sold out!) - Recipe available in January 2024.
Nov: Flannel Hippie (sold out!) - Recipe available in January 2024.
Dec: Lump of Coal (sold out!) - Recipe available in January 2024.

We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we're excited to make these for you!

Enjoy and happy 2023!

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